Hello Wørld

September 23, 2008 by Tor Brede Vekterli

At last managed to shake off a delightful run of procrastination and upload my custom little blog software (created with Django and a healthy serving of generic views) to Webfaction, a process that was almost frighteningly straight forward and efficient for someone that is more commonly used to wrangling software with its own ideas of when and where to stab you in the face. Much recommended (Webfaction, not the stabbing part)!

The blog code is still kind of rough around the edges, with parts missing here and there, much like a Lego set left unattended with children. The current lack of comment-functionality (and blog posts, for that matter) also means that those eagerly clenching their fists at the prospect of browsing 200x cheap russian casino spams per second will have to face their first disappointment in years.

As for this site itself, it will be used as more of a personal blog-kind-of-contraption on programming et al, because there really aren't enough opinionated blogs by nerds on the internet as it is.

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